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    Millennial Workers Dominated by PT Len's Employees

    BANDUNG - Approximately 60% of the bonus demographics of the population of Indonesia are millennial. Millennials have advantages tend to be more proficient in maximizing technology usage (tech savvy), prefer challenges, prioritize impact on society and care more about value than compensation.

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    The number of BPJS Employment Participants in West Java is Still Low

    BANDUNG-The total number of workers in West Java, both formal and non-formal, 10 million more, currently there are only around 5 millions of workers who have become BPJS employment participants or BPJS Naker. This was revealed by the Deputy Director of BPJS Employment Jabar Kuswahyudi in Gedung Sate Friday night (1/12/2019), after giving BPJS Employment Employment Social Security 2018.

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