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    BANDUNG REGENCY- Cisanti Lake was said to be named by the local people on behalf of a mother named Santiniah who was dead near the lake. The incident happened about 40 years ago. To make the name of the lake easier, it was named Situ Cisanti (‘Situ’ means ‘lake’ in Sundanese). For the people of Cibeureum village, the name is easier to mention and to look for. Cisanti Lake is located in Cibeureum village, Sub-district of Kertasari, Bandung Regency. Now the lake is managed by the owner of Kertasari plantations cooperated with Perhutani and BBWS of Bandung Regency. Based on the result of geographical research, the location of Cisanti Lake is at the upstream area of Citarum River. In other words, the lake becomes 0 KM from Citarum River. Therefore, it is preserved by many stakeholders to maintain the naturalness of the lake and its surrounding forests. Cisanti Lake has become one of the tourist attractions in Bandung Regency.

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