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    This is West Java Resolution in Year 2017


    SUKABUMI REGENCY-Entering 2017, West Java Provincial Government continues to be committed to bring development to the community for the realization of the most developed province in Indonesia. Met during a working visit to the South West Java, on Sunday (01/01/2017) in Sukabumi, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) states, the provincial government has four resolutions to be achieved.

    The first resolution Aher said, is to present the development of superior West Java Human Resources (HR) through improving education and health. He looked, without these two things as good as any of Natural Resources (SDA) that are not held will not provide benefits for the people.

    "So our challenge is to deliver superior human resources in the future in accordance with the challenges of this time mastering science and technology as well as have high moral standards and professionals by improving education and health, the first resolution," said Aher.

    The second is to increase the competitiveness of the economy, especially agriculture-based economy, because food matters in the future will be a very important issue in the world. According to Aher, a strong state is a state that is not only had the mastery of science and technology.

    "But the state is able to control food and able to support themselves independently from the food itself," he said.

    The third resolution is the physical development, such as construction of highway that connects Ciawi to Sukabumi, Soroja Toll, Cisumdawu toll, Cipali toll development and accelerated development of Kertajati Airport.

    "It will certainly be a driving force in the economy of the eastern part of West Java," he said.

    Physical development is development through an approach that is environmental friendly and sustainable. "Of course if there is infrastructure development always approach an environmental friendly and sustainable, it is to maintain the supply of a good environment," he said.

    Therefore, there will be no supply of life such as food, clothing and shelter unless the whole is supplied from a good environment.

    Including there are among the resolution in 2017 was Citarum Bestari. Citarum Bestari program that has been established since 2014 is targeted to be a healthy river pilot for other rivers in West Java and Indonesia.

    "We want Citarum Bestari to be a pilot hopefully succeed, because if this works means we can, right and means Ciliwung, Cimanuk and other rivers can also present as rivers clean," said Aher.

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