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    West Java Supports MORA RI to Upgrade Its Services


    BANDUNG-To improve service to people of diverse religions in Indonesia, the government through the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) make a breakthrough or innovation. MORA reform the bureaucracy to serve people based on technology.
    Minister of Religious Affairs (Minister) of Indonesia Lukman Hakim Saifuddin revealed this in his message which was read by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar on ceremony of Amal Bhakti Day (HAB) to 71 Ministry of Religious Affairs in Regional Office Ministry of Religion of West Java, Sudirman Street No. 644, Bandung, on Tuesday (01.03.17).
    After the ceremony, Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar said that the Ministry of Religion has a high level of service functions, because the life of a nation can not be separated from religious life. Included in the service of the people of worship, freedom of religion which is believed to be, as well as services in maintaining inter-religious harmony that must be guaranteed by the state through the Pancasila.
    "Excellent service from marriage to divorce, pilgrimage, worship, places of worship, religious festivities, and so it should be easy to get quality treatment," said Vice Governor after he became the coach of Ceremonies.
    In addition to facilitate the public in services access, Vice Governor said that with the bureaucracy reform will eliminate extortion practices that still exist today. To that end, MORA build an integrated digital system for all religious people.
    "Well, the system should also be changed to digital systems and so forth, so that it can enable people to access - from scholarships, announcements of all kinds do not directly contact the person again," said Vice Governor.
    "Imagine all the people of this religion, if served without any reform of technological problems and all sorts of extraordinary troublesome. Therefore, there must be reform of the bureaucracy which is also done in accordance with the Ministry of Religious how to serve the function of religious in anything, "he continued.
    Vice Governor also gave an appreciation for some of the programs or policies that have successfully done by MORA, particularly the Regional Office MORA of West Java Province. He cited the satisfaction index of pilgrims continue to rise and rise of bureaucratic reform index ratings of CC into B, which affects the performance benefits rising from 40% to 60%.
    The theme is taken in the 71st Amal Bhakti Day MORA 2017, the "Clean to Serve" motto "Closer Serve the People". In his speech read by Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar, Minister for Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin hoped that theme could strengthen the commitment, integrity, and work ethic as a public servant and protector of all religions.
    "The motto 'Closer Serve the People' means we must be more sensitive to detect the aspirations of the community, is more readily fix the problem, and more agile to meet the needs of the people," said Minister in his address.
    It is manifested by MORA through the One Stop Service Center (PTSP). Through this unit, MORA seeks to achieve excellent quality standards in serving the people. By utilizing the technology reform, all the licensing process, scholarships, social assistance to be made more simple, definite, and free extortion.
    In addition, a variety of management applications that support work is also being developed. Also launched new programs in response to the current situation and the dynamics of religious life in the community related to the digital era.
    On this occasion, Minister of Religious Affairs also said that religion which believes in and lives by the people should be the forming elements of Nation and Character Building pluralistic Indonesian nation. Therefore, all religious people should be aware and aware, that religious values are elements of national integration adhesive.
    "In this regard, I also want to remind, tolerance and harmony are not owned by a group of religious alone, but must belong to all classes and apply to all religions. Mutual respect for the identity of inter-religious belief must be maintained to protect the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, "added Minister.
    As an expression of appreciation, in this ceremony Vice Governor was pinned award of honors Satya Lencana Karya Satya from the President Joko Widodo to 10 (ten) Civil Servants. This award is given to civil servants in the Ministry of Religious Affairs who have worked for 10, 20 and 30 years old.

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