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    GBLA Repairment is Done, Regional Secretary Does Cone Cut


    BANDUNG-Chief Executive of PON / Peparnas 2016 Iwa Karniwa does cone cut prosession at the Bandung Lautan Api Stadium (GBLA), Gedebage, Bandung, Friday (10/2).

    Iwa who was accompanied by Head Ceremony OF PON / Peparnas 2016 Nunung Sobari said this simple ceremony is also marked the end of the PON Board Executive's responsibilities related liabilities lawn repair of GBLA post-PON and Peparnas.

    According to him several times to monitor directly the process of grass improvement, certainly have been completed. So the GBLA stadium field already can be used again for the match. "Therefore the responsibility of PON Board Executive on GBLA improvement over," he said.

    Iwa ensures improvement almost 100% has been completed. Even if there is little shortage, he thinks the grass still have treatment every day.

    "Furthermore, the treatment process will be submitted to the Department of Youth and Sports Bandung for managing back," he said.

    Iwa gives first cone pieces to Tadjuddin, one team member of GBLA grass. He said he had also asked for the prayers of the audience that he will leave for Umrah next week. (Even)

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