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    Aher: Don't Let ICT Development Affects Employment


    BANDUNG - Aher said that in the BPS’ record in 2016, the economic growth rate of West Java increased by 5.67%. West Java got the highest rank of economic growth rate among other provinces in Java. In 2016, the national economic growth rate was 5.04%, and it has to be noted that in West Java, the highest growth was in business field on information and communication that was about 14.27%; taking the most amount of West Java economic growth percentage which was about 5.67%.

    It was stated by Aher while attending the High Level Meeting at West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday (3/14). The meeting entitled "Improving Synergy in Controlling Inflation and Keeping West Java's Food Security", was also attended by the Head of Bank Indonesia Representative for West Java Yuda Agung, the Chief of West Java Coordinating Forum of Food Security Control, and Assistant of Economy and Development.

    "I am worried about the growth which has reached 14.27%, since it is related to the advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that is considered to have less effects on employees and labours," Aher said.

    Aher gave guidance in order that the parties being involved can change their way of thinking to understand the relation between economic growth and employment. Regarding the advancement of technology that will always develop, we should feel worry if the economic growth rate keeps increasing but it does not much affect the employment. In other words, there is a low number of employees and labours.

    "In the future, we should think about what kind of human resources that we should create," Aher added.

    Since there are some possibilities that the current curriculum mode is no longer suitable for recent schools, if it is connected with the economic growth and ICT development. If it happens, then there will be some effects that we have to face.

    Aher expects that the economic growth should also affect the absorption of employment. Do not let the advances in technology become a problem of the high number of unemployment. In the future, there will be observation about the problem in order to find solution to ensure that ICT development does not affect the employment sector.

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