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    A Preserve of an Environment, Ulama's Roles Should be Improved


    PURWAKARTA-Ulama's roles including revival mullah were very important to preserve environment, as the actors who were listened by citizens. It was revealed by the Vice Governor of West Java while introducing eco-village at Cianting Village in Sukatani Sub-district of Purwakarta, Wednesday (3/14).

    "Their roles are important since their lesson is listened and learnt by citizens. If preserving environment issue includes in their propaganda, then it will work effectively," he said.

    The Vice of Governor also emphasized that preserving environment was important task for citizens.

    "If citizens' awareness is high, then it shouldn't be done. Since they live in that environment. We only want to encourage them. The government only facilitated," he explained.

    The introduction of eco-village in 2017 will be held in 87 villages of West Java.

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