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    Indigo.id-Telkom International Expanded Its Global Alliance


    BANDUNG- Indigo.id built up a strategic alliance with Telekomunikasi Indonesia Internasional (Telin) Ltd. that operates in four continents by expanding the global connection of its subsidiary.

    Manager Accelerator of Indigo.id, Jeffri Irmawan, said that the step was initiated by involving their team into Bali Annual Telkom International Conference (BATIC) 2017 at Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali. In the event that was held by the subsidiary of Telkom, Telin Ltd, was attended by all chairperson of its branches offices and partners in Singapore, Hongkong, East Timor, Australia, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, United States of America, Myanmar, and Saudi Arabia.

    According to him, partners of Telin are running in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field; thus, Indigo.id as accelerator and incubator of main startup in Indonesia can fulfill their needs, whether as business partners or as venture capital. "We met and made acquaintance with several related partners that we have, what we can provide for them, to the global presence for our subsidiaries in the further," he said to the journalists in Bandung, Thursday (16/3).

    Jeffri explained his experience at BATIC when he met Telin team from Hongkong. It turned out, that Indonesian people who work as migrant worker in Hongkong often ordered electrical goods from conventional credit shop and then shipped the goods through their agencies in Indonesia. "This is not efficient, because the startups in Hongkong don't have marketplace that focus on serving our migrant workers. So, the situation is not as good as here, where the startups develop dynamically," he said.

    The same condition also happened in Japan and Singapore. If someone still does that, usually one tends to take the resources to the centre of startup since long time ago, United States of America. Due to the matter, Indigo.id saw Indonesia relatively ahead in terms of ideas supply and startup activists in Southeast Asia or even in Asia. There are only several countries that as active as Indonesia, especially Vietnam which is able to go global by its digital games.

    "The follow-up that we are going to to meet the Telin management, so that we can involve Indigo.id as one of the servicec that can be introduced considering our good relations after all this time. Thus, any representatives of Telin wherever they are can help to introduce the existence of their local startups," he added. Indigo.id itself still cannot decide what kind of service that will be needed in the countries of Telin's partners, because they do not have the same characteristics. "The most important thing is that the partners know or aware about the existence of Indigo.id without the team introducing it to each country," he said.

    Meanwhile, President Commissioner of Telin, Honesti Basyir, stated that BATIC 2017 on the theme of "Menerangi Masa Depan Melalui Kolaborasi Disruptive untuk Merangkul Bisnis Digital/Illuminates the Future through Disruptive Collaboration to Embrace Digitasl Business" was indeed embraced the spirits and created optimal value for the various parties. "BATIC 2017 is also used to focus accommodating the delegates from various filed of global telecommunication society to explore the business insight from the practitioners of telecommunication industry or even over the top (OTT) together," he said.

    Basyir explained that business conference was held on the first and second day, which was meant to connect various parties to synergy. Meanwhile, the last day was informal and filled with several entertainment and tourism activities. "BATIC was held for the first time in 2010 and annualy held until 2012. The same form is applied in 2017 with more interactive and use Indonesia authenticity approach concepts," he said. (MAT)

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