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    The Society are Encouraged Not to Keep Counterfeit Money


    BANDUNG-Head of Payment System and Rupiah Management Division of Bank of Indonesia (BI) of West Java, Mikael Budisatrio, encouraged the society not to keep counterfeit money because they can be charged 10 years in prison and fine of 10 billion rupiah.

    Mikalal said that the sanctions are in accordance with Law No. 7 years 2011 said that keeping counterfeit money is the same with imitating and falsifying rupiah.

    "The sanctions of keeping counterfeit money is the same with imitatin or falsifying rupiah," he said in Bandung, Thursday (16/3/2017).

    According to him, the act of supervision on counterfeit money is not only the task of the government but also the society.

    "This is the task for Bank of Indonesia and all society to disseminate Law No. 7 year 2011," he said.

    Mikael added that Bank of Indonesia is also in cooperation with merchants such as the market bank management so the traders will not keep counterfeit money.

    "We have SP partner in Cirebon including Iwapi in Garut in disseminating to the traders no to keep counterfeit money," he emphasised.

    If we found counterfeit money, the citizens can report it to the trader association or police, he said.

    "Because if we keep the counterfeit money, it means that we violate the law," he added. (MAT)

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