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    Demiz Promoted Social Workers Occupation at Dago CFD


    BANDUNG-Not many of us wanted to work in citizens' social fields. That occupation was not chosen by people since it needed strong intention without thinking about the profits. The only thing that was needed was a sincere heart and sacrifice to help each others.

    In clebrating International Social Work Day in 2017, the Vice Governor of West Java Dedy Mizwar (Demiz) had promoted the Social workers Occupation in the area of Car Free Day (CFD), at Ir. H. Juanda Dago Street, Bandung city, Sunday morning (3/19/2017). The occupation was considered as a joint movement becuase it taken important roles in improving citizens' prosperity.

    "I welcome and highly appreciate for all comittees and all parties that are involved in this event who has cooperated to succeed this great event as a joint movement to promote social workers occupation," Demiz said in his speech.

    "This movement should give any enlightenment and commitments of public of the importance of social movement in the society," he added.

    Furthermore, Demiz said that the effort to embody Indonesia Citizens who were fair and prosperous was not easy as turning your palm around. Especially, we still faced the problems such as poverty, unemployment, social gaps, and several other problems of social prosperity.

    "To solve that problems, it needs a commitment and a real effort from many parties wether from the government, privates, academics, and also mass media to cooperate with social worker and citizens," Demiz said.

    For that reason, in that ocassion, Demiz reminded the importance of sense of social solidarity. According to him, social solidarity should be built as national identity and a valuable asset which was really relevant as an effort to fulfil liberty and a development agenda.

    Through this event, it was expected that it would strengthen the supports towards the laws about Social Worker Practices, so that it could be an advance occupation in social changing, social services, social development, and empowerment to improve Indonesian Citizens' prosperity.

    This event was series of activites of National Social Workers Week (PPSN) in 2017 entitled 'To Help People to Help Themselves'. The event that was held by Long March and Social Work Expo was opened by the Vice Governor of West Java Demiz. Meanwhile, Social Work Expo was followed by many practitioners and institutions that overshadowing the social workers.

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