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    Sundanese Cultural Heritage as Local Tourist Attraction


    BANDUNG - Regent of Bandung H.Dadang M. Naser, SH., M.Ip, said that cultural heritage is a sustainable local tourist attraction. He said, as long as the culture is protected, maintained and preserved, it is not impossible that the cultural heritage in Bandung Regency, especially Sundanese culture can become a local tourist attraction in Bandung Regency.

    "Sundanese culture can become a sustainable local tourist attraction in Bandung regency, as long as it's protected and preserved. Not only by government, but also by society and local community," he said during Kamojang Festival taking place in Laksana Village, Ibun Sub district, Saturday (04/15).

    According to the Regent, a great park in Ibun Sub district describes a beautiful natural painting with thousand species of plants and animals. It can be an asset to support the variety of Sundanese culture in Bandung Regency.

    "In addition to Great Park as its asset, a variety of the existing Sundanese art such as karinding, traditional children games, and traditional dances will support local tourism in Ibun. Also, to always preserve it in order to be inherited to the local community, especially to the younger generation," said the Regent.

    In addition, the Regent said that in maintaining a culture for tourism, it has to prioritize genuine and traditional values. He further said it can be shown through a potential contemporary spirit to be able to get more appreciation from the community.

    Moreover, coinciding with the 376th Anniversary of Bandung Regency, the Regent mentioned that the Kamojang Festival this time proposed a program of "Raksa Desa".

    "In communicating the cultural heritage, the important thing is the inspiring local story. It must contain moral, educational values, and of course, it fosters sense of loving of the community towards their region, by maintaining all aspects of their village," he said.

    The Regent further explained it must also be based on the productive and creative Human Resources. The cultural tourism will make the creative economy as a new source of competitiveness for the local tourism sector in Bandung Regency.

    "In addition to the tourism sector, it must also be considered how the cultural heritage can become the basis and inspiration to create something new and have added value. In brief, it's traditional-based but with a contemporary spirit," said Dadang M. Naser.

    In response to it, Head of Tourism and Cultural Department (Disparbud) of Bandung Regency, Drs. H. Agus Firman Zaini, M.Si., said the Kamojang Festival Kamojang that has been held for a second time, will become an annual event in the promotion of culture for local tourism in Bandung Regency.

    "This festival will become an annual event of Disparbud, in addition to the tourism potential in Ibun Sub district which is outstanding. Another attraction of this village is geothermal crater in Kamojang Village or Geotourism of geothermal, which consists of Ciharus Crater Lake. In the future, there might be other festival of local tourism," said Agus Firman.

    He hoped that all parties will be committed to maintaining the culture of Bandung Regency, since the tradition is not only an entertainment, but there is also education about how to live together in the society, loving nature, and preserving customs with "Sabilulungan Ngaraksa Kertaraharja".

    "Hopefully, there is a commitment from all people, because the cultural activities will strengthen tourism and will ultimately impact on improving people's economy in the region of Bandung regency," he said.

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