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    Festival of Children's Book Day 2017 Uses Good Festival Concept


    BANDUNG-Coordinator of Childrens' Book Day Festival (FHBA) 2017, Yasmi Kartikasari said that FHBA 2017 will cooperate with Clean Actions by using #Goodfestival concept.

    "The concept is children friendly and also nature friendly. Children friendly means that the venus is free from smoke. While nature friendly means that visitors and performers are asked to bring their own goody bags, drinking bottles, and food. So that, there will be garbage bin to save and exchange the rest of packagings," she explained.

    This festival will be held on Sunday, April 23th 2017 at Taman Cinta ITB. She also continued that this event was supported by communities who shared same spirit such as Jejakecil x Menthilis, Mamahs, Jagad Alut, SemAta, Bengkimut, and Nagoya.

    "There will be also literacy activists that will hold public discussion whether for parents, students, and general. They are Riama Maslam (DKV ITB), Roosie Setiawan (founder of Reading Bugs), Sofie Dewayasa (Publisher Litara), Anggi Siti Anggara (Aksa Berama Pustaka), and also Raman as an editor from Mizan," she revealed.

    Yasmin expects with this event, a book does not become rigid knowledge, but it has to rich with imagination, cheerful, and full of hopes.

    "Through this festival, we expect children can learn affective values, confident, cooperative, emphaty, caring, and courage. We believe every children need to know book in their early age," she concluded.

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