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    Social Skills are Very Important to Own by Indonesian Children


    BANDUNG-Child and Family Psychologist, Anna Surti Ariani, said that social skill is very important owned by Indonesian children.

    "Having good social skills, Indonesian children are expected to be able to cooperate with other people in their growth," said Anna as a guest speaker in the Parenting Seminar titled "Peran Orang Tua Dalam Mengembangkan Keterampilan Sosial Anak Generasi Maju" held by SGM Eksplor, in Bandung, Saturday (5/6/2017).

    According to her, every parent must build and develop the social skills of the child from an early age. There are three things that must be fulfilled by child.

    "First, his body must be healthy and his nutritional needs are well suited, secondly he needs to develop his intelligence and creativity well and thirdly his emotional development is expected to be good and he is able to be independent," he explained.

    "Thus, parents play a vital role in developing their early childhood social skills, through appropriate parenting skills so that child can grow into a generation of quality and advanced," he said.

    The Marketing Manager SGM Eksplor, Astrid Prasetyo said the importance of the role of parents in determining the quality of growing children, her side held a series of seminars parenting in several major cities in Indonesia.

    "This is one form of our support to parents to be able to accompany the child with the care and fulfillment of proper nutrition so that they can socialize well and grow into advanced, creative, and independent generation," he explained.

    Astrid added, before being done in Bandung, the series of educational activities of this Parenting Seminar began since April 29, 2017 and then in the city of Padang.

    "This is done in order to support more parents accompanying the child to grow into the Generation of Forward Children, the same activity will also be present again in several big cities in Indonesia," he concluded.

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