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    West Java PLN Provide Training for Honorary Teachers


    BANDUNG-PT PLN (Persero) through Amil, Zakat, Infaq and Shadaqah Institution(LAZIS) PLN held Training or Upgrading for Honorary Teachers with the theme "Making Teacher Competent and Character".

    Through this training it is expected that the competence and character of the teachers can be improved so that it can continue to contribute to the progress of education in West Java area. The training is intended for 100 Honorary Teachers scattered in disadvantaged areas from across West Java including Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, Pangandaran, Garut, Bandung, Sukabumi and Cianjur. Training Program held for 2 days in a row (8-9 May 2017) located at Bale Sumur Bandung Office of West Java Distribution PLN.

    Also attending in the opening of this training on Monday (8/5) include Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, General Manager of West Java Distribution PLN, Iwan Purwana and Herry Hasanuddin as Chairman of LAZIS PLN.

    "PLN sees that honorary teacher's devotion is extraordinary in educating the students in their respective regions. We just want what we give can be an encouragement that can motivate teachers in teaching, so that it can give birth to a good future generation in the future. Thus the blessing of sustenance set aside for zakat from PLN employees can contribute to the progress of society, "said Iwan Purwana in his speech.

    Honorary teachers who can attend this training are teachers who are considered to meet the criteria such as teaching in disadvantaged areas madrasah, at least one year of service and a maximum income of 1 million rupiah per month. They were recorded and collected by LAZIS PLN members in West Java, and were then recommended to attend the training. LAZIS PLN works closely with Kafila Consulting to provide training materials as well as monitoring and mentoring as participants re-engage in the community after this training.

    The training materials arranged in this program are tailored to the needs of honorary educators in disadvantaged areas.

    "Our main focus is to increase the individual competencies of the teachers so that it can give more influence to the surrounding environment ranging from the students, the school then Insya Allah for the surrounding community," said Herry Hasanuddin.

    The training materials delivered include Spiritual at Work, Developing Learning Interest with Quantum Teaching method, and Effective Management. In addition to training from experienced trainers in the field, the participants will also get coaching money and educational aids worth Rp 2.500.000. In addition for the three best participants will get a scholarship to continue education to the next level. Jo

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