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    Sister Province Has Opportunity to Boost Foreign Investment in West Java


    CHONGQING-A series of Sister Province cooperation established by West Java Provincial Government with provinces in other countries including four Mou Sister Province in China this time has the potential to boost the amount of foreign investment in West Java.

    Head of West Java One Stop Investment and Service Office Dadang Mohamad Ma'soem said that although the current investment value of the four provinces can not be assessed yet, the chances of the Chinese businessmen to West Java are quite open. Especially now I am, the value of Chinese investment in West Java Rp 6.4 trillion or 465 million dollars during the year 2016.

    "That includes Hong Kong." If summed, the amount of foreign investment from China is in the top third after Japan and Singapore in West Java, "Dadang said in Chongqing, China, Monday (5/8/2017).

    According to him, with the presence of foreign investors from China that already exist in West Java this time, it is part of promotion to prospective investors in four provinces in China. The reason, already many investors from China who believe to invest their capital in West Java.

    Furthermore, Dadang said, West Java has always been the number one in the cumulative of domestic capital investment plus foreign capital investment. In West Java's investment realiasation in the first quarter (January to March), West Java has reached 17.7 percent (Rp 29.3 trillion) over Jakarta which only 11.6 percent (Rp 24.2 trillion), and East Java which only 7.6 percent (Rp12.6 trillion).

    "With the percentage of West Java has reached 28.17 percent of the target set by the central government in 2017 amounting to Rp 104 trillion)," he said.

    In addition, the foreign investment (PMA) of West Java became the number one. Followed by DKI and Papua in third. In the first quarter of PMA has reached 1.5 billion US Dollar, while DKI Jakarta only 0.9 billion US Dollar, and Papua 0.6 billion US dollars.

    "Most are investments in the manufacturing and metal industries," he said.

    Dadang added, the number of foreigners who believe in investing their capital in West Java because it is very conducive to security and comfort.

    "We have to take care of it and we always make innovations, including the arrangement of three-hour licenses that have been running, and that is also part of our promotion for investors interested in investing in West Java," he said.

    Cooperation with Sichuan

    In addition to transportation and trade issues, the focus of cooperation between West Java Provincial Government and Sichuan is quite interesting. The provincial government seems to aim for cooperation in tourism and agriculture. As it is known Sichuan is the only breeding ground Panda animals in China. West Java's opportunity to get Panda to complete the tourist attraction to West Java is quite open through such cooperation.

    "The biggest weight of cooperation with Sichuan is tourism and agriculture, all the fields are there, but we give priority to the sector where tourism is developed and they have the specification of icons namely panda, China is identically with panda," said West Java Provincial Government Head of Government Bureau and Cooperation Taufik Budi Santoso in Chongqing.

    Admittedly Taufik, West Java had ever wanted to be transferred Panda to the Taman Safari.

    "But why did not it happen (I also do not know.) Hopefully with this cooperation opportunities can exist.How Sichuan tourism is known by West Java as well as West Java known Sichuan who do not have gurilaps like mountains, hot spring that only exist in West Java, "He said.

    In addition, he said, agriculture was co-operated because almost the same in China also superior food security.

    In addition to these two fields, he said, Sichuan is currently developing airports that will become the second largest airport in China.

    "BIJBb is already connected with the airport manager in Sichuan, not only direct flight Sichuan embraces BIJB to become the manager of the international airport in the forum, because to be part of the forum is not arbitrary, it has happened, stay operational," he said.

    According to him, BIJB with airport manager can be correlated not only connect the airport and develop airport but also BIJB can become international manager.

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