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    Crazy Bamboo Art Reminds Leaders To Their People


    BANDUNG-Two North Maluku students deliberately display the art of Crazy Bamboo or Baramasue at Gedung Indonesia Menggugat/GIM (Indonesia Sues Building) Bandung on Wednesday (10/05/2017).

    Crazy Bamboo Art or baramasue which is a traditional art of North Maluku community involving participants of the press conference Indigenous Sundanese.

    Firman Muhidin who became the handler or leader in the art of Crazy Bamboo explained, this baramasue art was invited to remind the leaders of the country and the region to remember the people.

    "Besides, do not put forward the leader ego in leading the people, because it will feel the resistance," he said.

    According to him, the more heavily weightened bamboo will be heavier and the movement more wild. Should the participant who took up the crazy bamboo follow the movement of bamboo and do not be resisted.

    The philosophy, continued Firman, this crazy bamboo art reflects one's ego, especially the leader. Heavier weight of bamboo and bamboo movement increasingly wild because of the leader (Kapita, red).

    "If in the country, the burden of society is getting heavier and wilder because of the act of greedy and wild leaders in leading the country," he said.

    That is, a leader must be firm, straightforward, wise and faithful. According to him, if all of this is owned, then the heavy burden will be increasingly felt light by society.

    "The community can follow the leader's desire wherever his run as long as it is positive," he added.

    Firman himself has introduced the art of crazy bamboo or baramasue in the land of Java (Bandung) since 2004 with the association North Maluku students. Even Firman and friends are often invited to Jakarta and all areas in Java.

    "I often introduce crazy bamboo art to people in the area of car free day in various cities in Java," he concluded. (MAT)

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