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    Solusi Rumahku (My Home Solution) Application Make It Easy for Customers


    BANDUNG-Amid the growing popularity of e-commerce business and the high internet users in Indonesia, Holcim Indonesia provides convenience to customers, potential customers and stores, by launching one of Holcim's flagship programs namely Solusi RUmahku (My Home Solution) online application.

    Holcim Indonesia Sales Director, Dion Sumedi said Through this application, customers can find Holcim products and solutions without the need to come to the building store and can make the payment process easily through Mobile Commerce access. In addition, the store (seller) can also easily monitor orders, receive payments and deliver to the place of the buyer, even can order goods to the distributor to add stock in his shop. All done with an online system connected in Solusi Rumahku (my Home Solution) application.

    "Customers simply place orders through Solusi Rumahku (my Home Solution) application from smartphones, make payments online, and goods will be delivered directly to the destination by the seller," Dion told reporters on Wednesday (5/10/2017)

    In making payments through Solusi Rumahku (My Home Solution) Application, the community will connect with various payment services owned by CIMB Niaga, such as debit cards, credit cards, CIMB Clicks, and Mobile Accounts. Credit card only, payment can be made through any bank credit card during Visa and Mastercard logo.

    "In this Solusi Rumahku (My Home Solutions) application, we set up a payment gateway where all payments can be made conveniently and securely. The seller can easily monitor the payment they receive, "he explained.

    Solusi Rumahku (My Home Solution) application service is available to customers in Jabodetabek area, will gradually be developed to cover the entire territory of Indonesia. Solusi Rumahku (My Home Solution) app can be downloaded in the Google Play Store (for Android users) starting May 10, 2017.

    "In the future, in addition to bag cement, customers can also use this application to purchase other Holcim products and services, such as ready-mixed concrete, aggregate, bulk cement, mortar, Home Solutions program, and others," he concluded. (MAT)

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