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    Demiz: Mosque Must Be Social Economic and Cultural Center


    SUMEDANG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) asserted that the mosque should be the socio-cultural and economic center of society, in addition to its main function as a place of worship. This was revealed by Demiz when opening the 4th Sumedang Grand Mosque Festival in Sumedang, Sunday (11/6).

    "Like in Rosululloh era, the mosque became the center of the social and cultural economy and even the center of government at that time, it is quite possible to be revived in addition to the main function of the mosque as a place of worship," said Demiz.

    According to Demiz, everything that comes out of the mosque, must be lawful and based on Islamic law.

    "It may not be born art with minimal clothes from the mosque? It must be polite and can lead the ummah to give birth to good works" he explained.
    4th Sumedang Grand Mosque Festival filled with various events such as Islamic art performances, bazaars and Islamic studies. The opening of the festival was also attended by Sumedang Regent Eka Setiawan.

    After opening the Festival marked by the beating of the drum and the release of balloons, Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar is busy serving photo requests with the community. (Even)

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