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    Angon Invites Citizen Raising with Fintech


    BANDUNG-Now, investment of goats and cattle should not always have a cage, even the owner is like playing games Tamagotchi.

    CEO of PT Angon Indonesia and the creator of Angon application under the auspices of Indigo.id, Agif Arianto explains the investor enough to control entirely in smartphone application named Angon, with Return of Investment (RoI) between 5-10% within 3 months.

    Its application makes it easier for people who want to invest goats or cows to be managed by experienced farmers spread throughout Indonesia.

    "We can remember the Tamagotchi game, a 90s generation game.The concept of Angon is not much different: Members can choose the kind of livestock, goats or cattle that will be raised, then buy it, and pay the maintenance fee for three months," he told reporters at Bandung, Tuesday (7/11/2017).

    Then, Agif said, investors will receive reports on the condition of livestock on a regular basis every two weeks. Starting from health condition, weight, to the amount of profit with RoI offered quite interesting that is about 5-10% per quarter.

    Pioneering digital business under the auspices of Indigo.id in 2016 has been established since October 2016. They already have approximately 11,000 farmed livestock in the center of community farms (SPR) self-managed partner Angon and 6 SPR own spread in different regions.

    "Like SPR Mukmin Mandiri Ambarawa Semarang District, SPR Ciampea Sheep Palace Bogor, SPR Sukoharjo, to SPR Raberas in Sumbawa NTB," he said.

    Agif added, there are three types of investment that is offered Investors Cage, Farmers, and Member. If registering Cage Investor, we are cooperating with people farmers to build sheep or goat business in the form of providing capital in the form of pens and land while livestock raising is done by people farmers.

    "For livestock members or investors are people who buy livestock to increase their weight so that the price increase also There are also members who are called as Business Partners, those who need the Angon cattle," he explained.

    According to him, Angon has advantages in addition to being managed by experienced farmers, as well as livestock seeds in a healthy condition and guaranteed, so that small risks as well as the value of investment will increase if the number of livestock increases.

    Meanwhile, Managing Director Indigo.id, Ery Punta Hendraswara said, Angon received a positive response from investors at CeBIT 2017's largest digital business event in Hannover, Germany.

    "Many foreign investors are interested in investing in this Angon startup, an amazing success when the country's children can create applications that can be recognized by the world and can bring the name of Indonesia in the international arena," he said.

    In addition, he continued, Angon also has cooperated with Financial Technology (Fintech) PT Telkom TMoney as payment solution to make it easier for investors in transactions.

    "Therefore, Angon has obviously made technology-literate farmers so that livestock businesses are built more advanced, as well as we together in achieving the target of self-sufficiency in 2020," he concluded. (MAT)

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