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    Jokowi: Now The Era of The Fast Beat The Slow


    MAKASSAR-If there had been a belief that a great or powerful country always defeated a small and weak country, then right now is the era of a fast-paced country can overcome a slow state. This was expressed by the President of Republic Indonesia, Joko Widodo, at the peak of the 70th National Cooperative Day event in Makassar South Sulawesi, Wednesday (12/7).

    "The faster is the strong in this era, the slower is the loser. Therefore we must accelerate in various matters, including in the field of cooperatives. Our cooperative has not been so strong even though the number is quite a lot.Our cooperative is still less compared to cooperative in other countries, "he said.

    But Jokowi exemplifies, from many cooperatives in Indonesia, quite a lot is able to develop well and can be used as an example of other cooperatives.

    "Like a cooperative in Bali, the turnover is already about trillions, cooperatives in Sulawesi, Sumatera and etc. They must be replicated to other cooperatives so that more and more cooperatives are world class from Indonesia," he explained.

    Jokowi specifically attended the peak of the commemoration of the 70th National Cooperative Day in Makassar as well as opening the National Cooperative Congress. The Cooperative Congress in Makassar was the third congress of cooperatives during the cooperative journey in Indonesia since 1947. The first Cooperative Congress was held in Tasikmalaya in 1947, the second congress in Bandung in 1959, and the third was held in Makassar 12-15 July 2017.

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