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    4 Cooperatives In West Java Satyalancana Wirakarya Reciever


    MAKASSAR–West Java sould be proud in the peak of 70th National Day of Cooperative (Harkopnas) 2017 which is held in Kerebosi field, South Sulawesi, Wenesday (12/7/2017). Because 4 big cooperatives in West Java received "Satyalancana Wirakarya" Honor from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

    Those 4 cooperatives are KSP Rukun Mekar Bandung Regency, KPRI Sasakandana Garut Regency West Java, KUD Swargi Solokan Jeruk Sub-District Bandung Regency, and KPBS Pangalengan Bandung Regency.

    After the event, Covers Team of West Java Public Relation have a chance to talk with 2 of the award recievers, Chairman of South Bandung Livestock Cooperative (KPBS) Pangalengan, Aun Gunawan, and Founder and Secretary of Cooperative Savings and Loans (KSP) Rukun Mekar Bojongsoang, Juanda.

    KPBS Pangalengan is a cooperative that consisting of  farmers in Pangalengan. The cooperative that was established since 1969 has always been the recipient subscription of the national award. Through this Satyalancana Wirakarya award, KPBS Pangalengan wants to keep growing both from the number of members and productivity.

    "That (Satyalancana Wirakarya) became the trigger for us, 'rengrengan' the board and its members. So that KPBS can be more developed, especially increasing member income, both the number of members, the amount of milk, and the quality of the milk, "hope Aun.

    "Also KPBS can be known as source of fresh milk from Bandung Regency in West Java and as suppliers of fresh milk to various industries which has good quality, not just quantity, "he added.

    Until now KPBS Pangalengan already has 4,500 members and 3,300 of them is active members. There are inactive members because they do not have cows. To encourage these inactive farmers, the cooperatives will continue to improve facilities and infrastructure, improve service to members, such as ideal milk pricing, and availability of animal feed, low interest banking facilities, and member health.

    Over the past decade, KPBS Pangalengan continues to improve both in management and organization's Statutes and bylaws (AD / ART). Aun said, to face global and local challenges, KPBS Pangalengan made significant changes. AD / ART KPBS Pangalengan mandate that the acceptance new members can be more open and open opportunities for cooperation with various parties.

    "In means the stakeholders, are dairies that is included with the Government. We are 'welcome' with all the cooperation, as long as it benefits the KPBS and its members. For example we have a cattle colony farm that has one cage for 300 tail, it is owned by the cooperative, "said Aun.

    Aun admitted KPBS Pangalengan is the only breeder cooperatives in Indonesia that have derived products from milk. Like cheese, butter, yoghurt, wiping cream, and milk pasterisasi. This business has been growing steadily for the past five years. This indicates that KPBS Pangalengan does not depend on large industry, but milk production is also processed independently.

    "So the milk is not only sent to large companies, but also we produce by ourselves," said Aun.

    Another thing that became the advantage of this cooperative is there is no principle of saving and loan. KPBS Pangalengan has a Rural Bank (BPR) with 99% share ownership fully by the cooperative, so that the profit of the BPR will belong to the member. This BPR has a fairly low credit interest of only 12%.

    IT Management KPBS Pangalengan

    Besides the advantages that has been mentioned, KPBS Pangalengan has its own animal feed. Also, in cooperation with the Government of West Java Province where the management has implemented cooperative systems based on Information Technology (IT). This system requires the farmers to deposit the milk of their products to the headquarters through the existing application system in their devices.

    "We are supported by the Cooperative Department and UKM of West Java Province to make the system Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP), and IT systems. So, an integrated computer system, which is assisted by the West Java KUKM Deparment, "Aun said.

    Aun revealed that all this time West Java Provincial Government also helped cooperatives in training and coaching members. However, Aun requested regulatory support from the Government such as for the provision of both land for cages and forage forage.

    Meanwhile, to increase member's profit, KPBS Pangalengan will continue to increase sales of derivative products, so they do not depend on large industries. According to Aun, it will have an impact on increasing the income of farmers. Until mid-2017, KPBS Pangalengan has turn over of Rp 270 billion with total assets owned reached Rp 112 billion.

    "We must have our breeding dairy cow which is not easy and costs a lot , but we hope with a nursery we will have seeds which superior. It just that the problem is back again about farmers who are not active or who want to add cows. they need to be given the learning and coaching so that the mindset of his business is not just about selling milk. But he (breeder) must have a mental entrepreneurship, "said Aun.

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