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    Unpad Prepares Dormitory for New Students


    BANDUNG-New students of Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) academic year 2017/2018 course of Medicine, Veterinary, Pharmacy, D4 Midwifery, and Bidikmisi recipient in particular will stay in dormitory on campus for first year of lecture. Activities in this dormitory will be filled with various strengthening programs for new students.

    Director of Academic Resources and Library (SDAP) Unpad, Prof. Dr. Budi Setiabudiawan, dr., Sp.A (K), M.Kes., Said that the programs implemented in the dormitory will be a program created by the Head of Study Program. Thus, Head of study program really involved in shaping the character of new students.

    In the Implementation, each dormitory will be assisted by a landlady and two senior per study program. This landlady and senior play a role in implementing the program, supporting the stability of the dormitory, as well as supervising the students.

    "But it will not interfere with the lecture activities of the senior," Prof. Budi said.

    For this year, Unpad has provided 772 rooms with a capacity of 1,433 students from several dormitories in Jatinangor campus. Each room will be filled for at least two to four students.

    Prof. Budi assess, the current dormitory capacity is not sufficient to accommodate all new students of Unpad. Therefore, only Medicine, Veterinary, Pharmacy, D4 Midwifery study program, as well as Bidikmisi recipient students of every study program are required to enter the dorm.

    Nevertheless, regular new students from other courses still gain character coaching through the enrichment of Sport, Arts and Creativity courses (OKK) as part of the Joint Preparation Stage (TPB) program.

    Currently, Unpad has at least 10 dormitories and guesthouses located within the campus. The plan, the dorm in this campus will be uniformed its name to "Bale Wilasa" and given the sequence number.

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