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    BPJS Employment Assisting Active Disabled People Working


    BANDUNG - Social Security Administering Agency (BPJS) Manpower supported by West Java Provincial Government and Ministry of Manpower handed over aids to a number of Persons with disabilities in the Alliance of Disability and Elderly Women (APDL) in Bandung, West Java, Tuesday (8/8/2017 ). This activity is a manifestation of the awareness and social responsibility of BPJS Employment to persons with disabilities in West Java Province.

    "It is proper that the existence of BPJS Employment will be felt by all persons, including by Persons with disabilities in Indonesia as a manifestation of BPJS Employment commitment in creating prosperity in every society," said Agus Susanto, Director of BPJS Employment.

    The event held at Bale Center of Islamic Da'wah (PUSDAI) Bandung also received appreciation from the Minister of Labor M. Hanif Dhakiri, According to him with the help of tools for people with disability is a manifestation of commitment from BPJS Employment present in the community.

    Different types of disability aids include wheel-modified motorcycles, prosthetic limbs, artificial limbs, wheelchairs, foot props, hearing aids, stick netra, to business support tools such as storefronts, carts, sewing machines have been handed over to about 160 persons with disabilities Which spread in West Java province.

    Through this activity, BPJS Employment also shows a concrete manifestation, in which every worker with disabilities can continue to work actively with his physical limitations.

    These disabled workers have also joined the social security protection program of BPJS Employment, which encourages them to work more productively.

    Agus hopes, with the help of this Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) program can improve the welfare and equality of life of persons with disabilities in Indonesia. "Hopefully this TJSL program can also inspire other people to raise awareness to workers with disabilities, so that their welfare improvement can be accelerated through the synergy of all parties", he concluded.(Pun)

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