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    Five Innovations Send West Java to Achieve Third Budhipura Award


    MAKASSAR-West Java Provincial Government was again named as the most advanced province in Indonesia in the development of science and technology based innovation in agriculture, fishery, livestock and plantation.

    Thus, for the third time in a row from 2015, West Java is again entitled to receive Budhipura award 2017.

    Buddyura 2017 Award accepted by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) submitted by Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Muhammad Natsir witnessed by Vice President Jusuf Kalla at the peak of 22nd National Awakening Day of Technology (Hakteknas). this year centered in Center Point of Indonesia Makassar, Thursday (10/08/2017).

    West Java is considered worthy to get back to back Budhipura, because the five regional innovation system based on science and technology of catfish culture, catfish sangkuriang, java preanger coffee, indigofera plants and sentul chicken managed to increase the added value of a product that affects the increase of people's welfare.

    "Alhamdulillah we can win Budhipura Award for this year, this is the third time in succession from 2015," Aher said after receiving the award.

    Before it was decided to get this Budhipura award, Aher presented the five innovations in front of the grading team from Kemenristekdikti some time ago. Together with four competitors namely Lampung, North Sumatra, South Sumatra and Riau, Aher explained, the five innovations have been applied and developed in West Java in various sectors in accordance with the potential of the region and commodities.

    The first is the innovation of catfish culture with the funnel technology system through the principle of water recirculation, so that the oxygen content is high, and cause the density of the fish eggs is high. This innovation managed to increase the production of larvae from per room per year, which use conventional way of producing only 0.9 million larvae, now it can reach 27 million larvae.

    Next Coffee Java Preanger, the type of coffee that has succeeded to become the first champion in world coffee contest, comes from 4 regencies, namely Bandung, West Bandung, Garut and Ciamis. Innovation that has been done is on this type of coffee in besides overseas marketing also the effort to innovate seed certification superior. By technology on certified seeds. Now, the seeds that are planted for three years become fruitful, after there he seeds were in engineering only 11-12 months it can be fruitful, clear Aher.

    The results of these efforts are able to present a higher welfare value, from the original only Rp. 30 thousand per kilogram Green been, now has reached at least Rp. 125 thousand, and the best coffee reached Rp. 700 thousand per kilogram Green been.

    The third is the cultivation of Catfish Sangkuriang. The catfish is touched by technology, with certain turmeric and serum mixed in the feed, so its production can be increased, which can be spawned twice a year, to four times a year.

    Then the fourth, continued Aher, the indigofera plant as animal feed. In the livestock business, feeding factor becomes important because this factor is costly enough. So with indigofera, found the type of feed 'green-green' new.

    The impact of indigofera development efforts, namely the cost of animal feed is lower 50% of ordinary feed. Farmers are getting profitable, and hopefully the beekeepers are passionate in running their business.

    The last is Sentul Chicken. The original chicken of West Java community, which through touch technology found GGPS, or Great Grand Parents Stock, then found GPS, Grand Parent Stock, then Parent Stock, and the final Stock.

    Once set to be the best innovation, Aher said, as a form of appreciation, the five innovations will be immediately applied throughout West Java.

    "I am committed that this innovation will be applied by all farmers in West Java, this is also a form of appreciation to those who have meritorious," he said.
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    At the 22nd Hakteknas commemoration, of the eight categories contested, West Java successfully won four categories. Namely the category of Budhipura or appreciation for the achievements of the Provincial Government in strengthening the innovation system, the Widyapadhi category is given to the Bogor Agricultural University for its achievements which has carried out the efforts of national research and development production into a product of innovation. Then the category of Abyudaya given to PT Biofarma for the active role in the utilization and production efforts of science and technology research results and Widyatrida category achieved by Technopark Bandung.

    "I hope next year at the 23rd Hakteknas in Riau we can win again because there are many other innovations, now there are 17 innovations offered including our flagship is the village car innovation," conclude Aher.

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