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    Kertajati Airport Will Be Opened at Oxford University


    BANDUNG-The process of development and financing of West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka will be dissected specifically at the University of Oxford, England.
    The Director of PT International Airport West Java (BIJB), Virda Dimas Ekaputra, said it received an invitation from the Transport Studies Unit of Oxford University to present the airport project in an international program called "Global Challenges in Transport".

    "For us it's an honor because this routine leadership program takes place at top American and British universities that invite many speakers from a number of countries," he said in Bandung, Thursday (8/31/2017).
    In the event that will take place from 5 to 8 September 2017 it was invited on the recommendation of participants of Global Challenges in Transport the previous year held at Harvard University, USA. "In the recommendation stated that BIJB is a complex national strategic project," he said.
    According to the outsiders assess the government's efforts to realize the international airport is not easy considering the multi-party involved a lot. The project combines the involvement of government, regional-owned, state-owned and private enterprises in this project in both construction and financing.
    "Incidentally the theme of discussion now is about infrastructure, development and financing," he explained.
    Virda assess the participation of PT BIJB in this event is very important because it can convey the best practice in development and financing involving private and public. This collaboration made the construction of the airport that has been initiated since 2003 is now running significantly.

    "This public private partnership scheme is the first one used in Indonesia in terms of building airports," he said.
    Virda will explain the process of financing the airport from a pure start West Java Budget, then finally get help financing the state budget for air side portion. At the same time efforts and processes of PT BIJB as a Regional Owned Enterprise formed by West Java provincial government to manage Kertajati Airport is also tasked with hooking funding from investors and banks.
    "From the combination of State Budget and regional Budget then start entering syariah bank loan, also our efforts to initiate the launching scheme of limited investment mutual fund (RDPT). With the invited Oxford means the construction of this Kertajati Airport has received tremendous appreciation, "he concluded.

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