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    Vice Governor of West Java: Sister Province Cooperation Must Be Realized


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar appealed for cooperation sister province conducted by Provincial Government (Pemprov) West Java should be realized properly.

    Demiz greeting familiar Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar requested that the cooperation is not only written in a regional regulation (Perda) but must have its activities.

    "But the most important thing is the cooperation of sister province is not just limited cooperation in the regional regulation only but there must be realization," said Demiz told reporters at West Java Parliament Building, Thursday (31/08/2017).

    Sister provincial cooperation that has been done by West Java Provincial Government through the Governor's visit such as Japan, Morocco, Belgium and Sudan. However, Demiz said, not all provinces in the country are working together but are deemed necessary to be done by sister province cooperation.

    "From the visit of the Governor yesterday from various countries and provinces based on some direct talks, considers the need for sister province cooperation, of course not all visits such as in Russia, Japan, Morocco, Belgium and Sudan but with which province we consider to work together, "he explained.

    "I think this is only natural because not all provinces can be done cooperation, which we choose those allow us to cooperate," he added.

    West Java Provincial Government has also cooperated with sister province in various sectors such as human resource development (HR), plantation and agriculture. There is no possibility of cooperation in other forms given the abundant natural resources potential of West Java.

    Demiz added, previously West Java provincial government to cooperate sister province with South Australia in 2007 ago. But it did not go well. To that end, it renews the cooperation in 2015.

    Such a sister province cooperation with South Australia that has been renewed in 2015 and previously had been done cooperation agreement in 2007. But at that time the cooperation has not gone well.

    "We immediately fix and coordinated sister province cooperation with South Australia," he concluded. (MAT)

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