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    West Java BI Cares for Education


    BANDUNG-Higher Education as an educator unit is a strategic component in the national education system to prepare and print human resources that are strong, skilled, competent, creative and innovative.

    This was conveyed by the Head of West Java BI, Wiwiek Sisto Widayat at the inauguration ceremony and education to 100 scholarship recipients from 4 universities in Bandung namely ITB, Padjadjaran University, Indonesia Education University and UIN Sunan Gunung Jati.

    The event was also attended by Group Head of West Java BI, Ismet Inono and representatives from other universities such as Prof. Dr. Didi Sukiyadi, MA (UPI), Dr. Ir. Umar Khayam, MT (ITB) and Prof. Dr. D. Dienaputra, M. Hum (Unpad) and Saepudin, S.Pd.I, M.Ag (UIN).

    The inauguration ceremony and education to the new generation of Indonesia (GENBI) Bandung 2017 takes the theme of "The Real Work of Bank Indonesia in Every Meaning of Indonesia through GENBI Leadership Synergy" held on Thursday (31/8/2017) in Bale Pasundan, KPwBI West Java Province.
    The material given to GENBI mainly raises the awareness of the matter of soundness and the basic formation of Leadership. In addition, GENBI will be provided with insight or knowledge of BI's task, role and function as Central Bank, Financial Technology (Fintech), Characteristics of Rupiah Cents (Cikur), and Public Speaking, Leadership and Entrepreneurship delivered by Ari Ardianto.

    In the year 2017, the West Java BI channel scholarships amounting to Rp 1 billion more. The BI Scholarship Program not only supports education, study allowance and living expenses, but the BI Scholarship recipient will also be accommodated by a community called New Generation Indonesia (GENBI) which will receive various training periodically, planned and directed. Jo

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