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    Shrinking Agricultural Land, Office Must Improve Seed Quality


    Cianjur-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, in the last six years, rice fields in West Java reduced by 76 hectares.

    He asked the West Java Provincial Rice Development Hall of Agriculture to increase its role in developing superior seeds, to increase the productivity of West Java farmers in order to offset the reduced land.

    "The tendency of reduced agricultural land, so the hall is very strategic for improving the quality and quantity of rice," said Demiz, at Central Paddy Seed Development, Cihea, Cianjur, Wednesday (4/10).

    Demiz also requested that the presence of the seeding center is more beneficial to farmers related to the pattern of the cultivation of 230 hectares of land in the region of Cianjur Regency. "The cooperation with farmers in this area, farmers are more benefited with the pattern of profit sharing," he said.

    He said the presence of industry in the region of Cianjur obviously has reduced agricultural land, especially after the construction of toll roads in the future. "So it needs a spatial plan, RDTR," he said.

    He admitted that he was not sure that some newly built industries in Ciranjang Cianjur area had been accompanied by location permit, although at the time of the inauguration was attended by several ministers. The owners of the industry, according to him, should be reminded because the problem of food security in West Java is increasingly threatened.

    "Why not have spatial plan revision designed? We see Rancaekek also damaged agricultural land because of the many industries, it should be a lesson not to make productive land in West Java become the source of manipulation.

    If the establishment of an industry, he said, the party must prepare a replacement land. Because now more and more people, more and more stomach. Establish a cursory industry as much as absorbing labor, "he said.

    "So be careful to all head area, can penalties later," he said. (Even)

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