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    Visual Communication Design Telkom University Achieved Excellence Accreditation


    BANDUNG-Universities are required to proactively innovate, develop creativity and competitive, not only in the National space, but also in the Trans-national scene within the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA)

    In response to such transformation, Visual Communication Design Program (DKV), Telkom University, continues to be a high quality educational institution in the field of creative economy, art and culture in the current information technology era.

    The effort was fruitful, with the acceptance of the National Accreditation Agency-Higher Education (BAN-PT), dated November 7, 2017 legitimately, the Study Program with the base of the digital industry's creative enthusiasm achieved the Excellence (A).

    The Dean of the Creative Industry Faculty Didit Widiatmoko expressed his appreciation to all the stakeholders involved. "This is not personal work, there are lecturers who continue to take part in the tridharma of higher education, which is an important contribution to accreditation, as well as students who increasingly enterprising achievement" Widiatmoko in his written statement in Bandung on Saturday (11/11/2017)

    Meanwhile, Chairman of Visual Communication Design Studies Program Dicky Hidayat said, with this acquisition for him a good opportunity as well as evidence of the seriousness of the management of universities in the community.

    The study program with more than 2000 active students, often contributes to achievements in the areas of visual design, film, advertising design, and other relevant achievement categories.

    "One thing we believe in the acquisition (Accreditation A), as evidence in the community that we really bring higher education with superior quality" he said.

    Previously, several study programs in Telkom University successfully achieved Accreditation A (Excellence), among them Master of Management, Master of Electrical Engineering, Communication Studies Program, Business Administration Study Program, and Accounting Study Program. (MAT)

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