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    High Level Meeting Observes West Java Inflation


    BANDUNG- High Level Meeting (HLM) Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) West Java Province and 27 regencies / cities in West Java took place at Gedung Sate on Thursday (14/12). Attending the event were the Head of Representative of Bank Indonesia West Java Province, Wiwiek Sisto Widayat who also served as Vice Chairman of TPID West Java Province.

    Also attended by Assistant Economic Affairs of West Java Province, Eddy Iskandar Muda Nasution who also served as Secretary of TPID West Java Province and Kombes Pol Samudi as Chairman of Food Task Force of West Java Police (Polda Jabar).

    "The meeting is to convey the condition of achievement of West Java inflation towards the end of 2017 as well as various potential risks that may arise in suppressing the inflation movement. In addition, this HLM activity also aims to coordinate the work plan of inflation control program in 2018 to refer to Roadmap TPID 2016-2020, "said Head of West Java BI, Wiwiek Sisto Widayat.

    In his presentation, Vice Chairman of West Java Provincial TPID conveyed the inflation condition in West Java up to November 2017 of 3.06% (ytd), higher than the national level of 2.87% (ytd).

    When compared with other provinces in Java, the achievement is still quite good where West Java is the third lowest. Nevertheless, despite the achievement of inflation is quite good, but towards the end of the year there is usually a risk of inflationary pressure that comes from the end of the year such as year-end holidays, school holidays and Christmas festivities.

    To that end, he appealed to be able to improve coordination among institutions and also to prepare a preventive and repressive inflation control program, one of which is the optimization of inflation control program (Price Monitoring, Control of Public Expectation, Field Inspection and Market Operation) and synergize with Food Satgas.

    Meanwhile, Pol Kombes Samudi as the Head of Food Task Force West Java Police in his presentation delivered some programs that are preventive and repressive to support inflation control in West Java.

    In terms of preventive measures, theFood Task Force improves coordination with relevant agencies, conducts price monitoring, socializes to the community and conducts periodic field inspections. Meanwhile, repressive measures conducted by the Food Task Force do law enforcement against business actors who do hoarding causing price volatility. jo

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