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    Free Port Helps to Build Laboratory at ITB


    BANDUNG-PT Freeport provides grant aid for Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in the form of laboratory building. ITB Rector Kadarsah Suryadi officially inaugurated the Laboratory Technology Building (labtek) XIV SBM ITB on Thursday (14/12).

    This 6 floors building with an area of 5,482 square meters is an expansion of the old school of Business and Management School (SBM) ITB built in 1954 and was once welded in 1962.

    The person in charge of the construction of Labtek XIV Building, Budi Permadi Iskandar, said that the completion of the building is done two years after the first stone laying in 2015.

    "The completion of the interior is done with the help of companies and individuals, among others are Bank BCA, Triputra Agro, Bank BNI, and Bank BTN, Noni Sri Ayati Purnomo, Adrianto Djokosoetono, Hatta Rajasa and Bakti S. Luddin," said Budi through his press release yesterday.

    Building Labtek XIV is the result of the design of senior architects ITB Basauli Umar Lubis who is also active as a lecturer in the Department of Architecture School of Planning and Policy Development (SAPPK) ITB.

    "The design of the building continues the efforts of the first architects of Indonesia in developing tropical architecture," he explained.

    ITB with the support of PT Freeport Indonesia built this building by presenting the experts in their fields, such as Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics Engineering, and Design. Bringing the concept of green and smart building, Labtek XIV ITB has uniqueness and different features with other buildings in the complex area of ITB campus Ganesha.

    Building equipped with sunlight processing cells into electricity for building and space lighting system is one of the smart building in energy sector in this building. This system is an extension of the Energy Management Laboratory for ITB Engineering Physics Study Program. The amount of electrical energy used can be monitored through monitors on every floor and class. Jo

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