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    West Java Governor Election Will Run Normal and Safe


    BANDUNG-Political observer as well as West Java (Jabar) figure Cece Hidayat Padmadinata said West Java elections will not be as hot as the DKI Jakarta elections.
    "Do not be provoked, West Java Governor Election is normal, will not be like DKI Jakarta," he said in a West Java Leadership for West Java Better Future seminar take the theme of West Java Future Leader at Horison Hotel Thursday (14/12).
    According to him it did not appear candidates in West Java Governor Election next year that could potentially be a common enemy, because it turns out from the candidates who have appeared, all derived from citizens of Sunda, and Muslim descent.
    "Jakarta is hot because Ahok, there is no Ahok in West Java, so I think it will be normal election later," he said.
    He just gave a message, for anyone who later became the leadership of West Java replace Ahmad Heryawan must be able to harmonize between tradition and modernization.
    He also hopes, West Java strong leader and become a fighter to maintain the welfare of his community. Do not let development only enjoyed certain people, even by foreign migrants. jo

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