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    Rumah Zakat Inaugurates the Establishment of LAZ PT. PINDAD


    BANDUNG-Rumah Zakat with PT. Pindad inaugurated the establishment of LAZ Pindad on Wednesday (20/12) located at Masjid Al-Fitrah, PT. Pindad Bandung. The inauguration of cooperation was conducted on the sidelines of the commemoration of Maulid Prophet Muhammad SAW 1439 H.

    The event was attended by Chief Marketing Officer of Rumah Zakat, Irvan Nugraha with Finance Director of PT. Pindad, Ahmad Sudarto. In the cooperation, LAZ Pindad will become Zakat House partners for the management of zakat funds, infaq and alms from the employees and directors of PT. Pindad and its subsidiaries.

    "Alhamdulillah we have signed a partnership with Rumah Zakat, hopefully with this cooperation PT Pindad will be better and useful for others," said Ahmad Sudarto.

    Ahmad added, with the collaboration is expected to provide benefits to all parties. Thus, the funds sourced from all staff PT. Pindad can be channeled to those in need.

    Irvan Nugraha also gave appreciation to PT. Pindad who has entrusted the distribution partner to Rumah Zakat. "Hopefully, this cooperation will continue in the long term. Thus, the number of beneficiaries will increase, "said Irvan. (Even)

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