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    Enzoro Targets the Market of the Country


    BANDUNG-A garment manufacturing company that supplies 100 percent of export garments for well-known brands of sportwear and underwear to foreign markets.

    Marketing Manager Enzoro, Hadi said with a factory capacity of 2 million pcs / month and has 3 factories in Bandung, Majalengka and Solo has been successfully marketed to Japan, the European Union and the United States.

    "Up to now, Enzoro has 30 outlets spread in various regions such as Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra and Sulawesi," Hadi told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (23/12/2017)

    Hadi explained at the end of 2017, Enzoro officially opened outlets in Paskal 23 Bandung which not only noticed the comfort of the clothing used for exercise, but the fashionable model also became the main shooting.

    According to Hadi, casual appearance and spelled out sporty more loved not only by young people, but also those who have grown up. Clothing that is usually identical for sports use, is now actually used to hangout to the mall.

    So far Enzoro is very concentrated on function, not just about style. Fashion needs for a very comfortable exercise will certainly support the activity for the better.

    "Actually we are very focused on the function.Whether these pants are comfortable to wear sports, whether the t-shirt what a comfortable jacket can be used heavy activity.Although the model is also we keep in mind," explained Hadi

    The product of Enzoro was approved by Samuel Rizal. Adit actor in the movie Eifell .. I'm in Love who is believed to be a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). He who has been using Enzoro products some time later admitted very comfortable, especially used for exercise.

    Enzoro that offers products running, training, as well as accessories such as underwear, and this boxer is not only used by men who are familiarly called Sammy it to exercise. During his spare time, he often uses Enzoro clothing to take a walk to the mall.

    "Now I wear Enzoro clothes to come to this mall really comfortable .. The look is sporty and of course style, can be combined-matching," he concluded (MAT)

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