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    Telkomsel Holds Free Mass Circumcision in Sukabumi


    SUKABUMI-Closing the end of 2017, Telkomsel with the Telkomsel Talim Assembly operational area Jabotabek Area Jabar in cooperation with Rumah Zakat Indonesia held a series of Mass Circumcision and Healthy Siaga which concentrated in two cities of Sukabumi and Serang. For the initial stage, the title which is also part of Telkomsel's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity is held in GraPARI Sukabumi Office, Saturday (23/12/2017)
    General Manager of East Java Regional Sales Jabotabek Jabar Telkomsel Badar said, This activity is one form of concern Telkomsel Area Jabotabek Jabar together with community Assembly Taklim Telkomsel for the people of Sukabumi city. This event is also a form of appreciation of Telkomsel for the beliefs of the people of Sukabumi, especially in the last year who remain loyal to Telkomsel service as a solution to their cellular communication needs.

    "We are always trying to add value to the people and the environment around Telkomsel's service operation," Badar said

    Besides conducting mass circumcision activities, there are also series of events such as health counseling, health screening for the community and children under five, providing supplemental nutrition to children, giving medicine, and providing post-circumcision services to participants of mass circumcision.

    Badar further explained, some of the funds from these activities are also obtained from the Zakat & infaq Telkomsel employees distributed each month through the religious community of Telkomsel Taklim Assembly. Through this joint synergy, Telkomsel also hopes to continue to foster social life and caring among employees.

    Until now, Telkomsel has experienced a positive customer growth in Sukabumi, especially data service customers which increased by 18%, with the support of the leading network quality of around 571 BTS spread over nearly 90% of the population area in Sukabumi district and city,

    "Telkomsel will continue to provide similar activities as part of its commitment to share with others and build good relationships with local people" he concluded (MAT)

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