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    After Infrastructure, Jokowi: We Will Concentrate on Building Human Resources


    BEKASI CITY- President of Indonesia Joko Widodo said the Central Government is currently focusing on infrastructure development, so the state budget is widely used for that matter. According to him, infrastructure development is important as a capital or fundamental state to compete with other countries.

    The second thing that will be the focus of the Government, namely to build a qualified Human Resources (HR). Jokowi said that in the event of Certificate of Competence of Participants of Apprenticeship in the Center of Work Training Development (BBPLK), Jl. Guntur Raya No. 1, Kota Bekasi, Wednesday (27/12/2017).

    "We will concentrate on the second development, namely the development of human resources because we can not continue to depend on Natural Resources," said the President in front of 3,000 apprenticeship recipients.

    "Our key will be in human resource development.If our human resources can be upgraded through good skills, this is our capital to compete with other countries.Our human resources have competence with other countries we have not maximize competence," he continued.

    The President explained that HR is both strength and wealth, as well as our chances to win global competence. If Indonesia can properly manage its human resource potential, the President said then Indonesia becomes the winner or global power.

    "Human resource development will be done on a large scale, but it requires a lot of funds," said President.

    In this year there were 60,201 people participated in independent apprenticeship competence test, 5,635 people of whom passed the competency test and 566 people did not pass.

    This apprenticeship program is part of vocational training or training conducted by both government, industry, and cooperation between government and industry. Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia Hanif Dakiri said that the independent apprenticeship program is different from the existing apprenticeship program because it refers to several things.

    "This apprenticeship has now made the system characterized among others refers to the job title, based on the needs of the industry so there is a link and match," said Menaker.

    Another point of reference for this apprenticeship program, the appellate syllabus refers to the Indonesian national labor qualification standards; the apprenticeship composition consists of 25% of the theories that are being tried to be transformed through e-learning and 75% of practices that are fully industrialized; participants are awarded apprenticeship certificates and follow competency test to obtain competence certificates as a form of recognition from industry related to the competitor's competence; apprenticeship companies must have syllabus programs or curricula, facilities and infrastructure, as well as planners, instructors, and mentors.

    The President also targets that in 2019 the apprenticeship program should involve more participants. "I ask Mr. Hanif (Menaker) in 2019 later at least 1.4 million this affair (apprenticeship) must be done," he pleaded.

    Fields of training that provide on this apprenticeship such as self-employment, office services or front office, marketing, and so forth. On this occasion, the President also had a chance to talk with a businessman engaged in the field of aquaculture from the start of hatchery, named Warman from Subang. He also received business capital from the President Rp 10 million.

    "We plan to build four aquarium tanks and buy mains," said Warman, explaining his business plan after completing the apprenticeship and obtaining a certificate .

    Meanwhile, based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) August 2017, on the employment structure in West Java Province there are 22.39 million people of the workforce. It consists of 20.55 million people working population and 1.84 million unemployed people. Compared to August 2016, the number of working people increased by 1.35 million people and the number of unemployed fell by 34.43 thousand people, so the number of labor force rose by 1.32 million people.

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