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    West Java DPMPTSP Submits 34 Licenses for Mining Sector


    BANDUNG-Earlier this year, the Office of One Stop Service and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) of West Java Province submitted mining license to 34 business applicants. Symbolically, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) handed over to five applicants at the Hall of the Office of Investment and One Stop Services (DPMPTSP) West Java Province, Jl. Sumatera No. 50, Bandung, Wednesday morning (31/1/18).

    Of the 34 applicants, consist of 21 applicants of WIUP, 4 (four) applicants for Exploration IUP, 2 (two) applicants for Operation IUP, and 7 (seven) Business Applicants for Renewal Production Operations. While 5 (five) applicants with the widest permit, namely:
    1. PT Sukabumi Silika Resources, determination of Mining Permit Area (WIUP) for Quartz Sand commodities with an area of ??48.76 ha,
    2. PT Mustika Purbantara Utama, Mining Business License (IUP) Exploration for Andesite Stone commodities with an area of ??47.16 ha,
    3. H. Usup, Production Operation IUP for Sand commodities with an area of ??35 ha,
    4. PT Bina Insanni Selaras, establishing WIUP for Tanah Urug commodities with an area of ??30.05 ha,
    5. PT Sukses Jayamandiri Perkasa, the establishment of WIUP for Sirtu with an area of ??27.30 ha.

    In his speech before the petitioners, Aher advised them to keep the environment in their business. Although natural exploration is utilized in the form of mining materials. "I still advise the parties (mine managers) to keep the universe sustainable, because the bad impact of the mining business is the destruction of the environment, when we commit to not damage it," Aher said in his speech.

    "Let us do the task of the Caliphate, our duty to manage this universe, use it that we can use but not destroy." It can, "he continued.

    Development paradigm that has been done to teach the damage of the natural environment occurs, according to Aher it is the wrong paradigm. Aher says, development or economic action can be done without damaging the environment. "Why should we be pro environment? Because our future is not just for us, our grandchildren should enjoy," Aher said.

    Environmental conditions after exploration must be in two types of conditions. Post-exploration environmental conditions must be the same or equivalent as they were before, or better conditions such as before. In addition, Aher continued, in the mining sciences conditions of flora and fauna that are rare or only exist in the location must be maintained and obliged to be saved, so that will not happen extinction. Then that should be saved also, namely top soil or fertile land at the location of mining operations.

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