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    Demiz: Efforts to Maintain Food Security and Increase Farmers' Welfare


    GARUT REGENCY- Vice Governor Demiz stressed that his side continues to promote welfare and facilities for farmers. However, he also requested that the supply chain or food distribution, especially rice should continue to be addressed.

    "Do not let the imports harm farmers, we encourage farmers to continue to plant and produce the best, but not necessarily prosperous if not repaired supply chain, not necessarily also lighten the community if the surplus of paddy but the people buy it with expensive price," said Vice Governor.

    This was conveyed by Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) while accompanying the Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) RI Andi Amran Sulaiman in order to harvest the rice in Mancagahar Village, Pamengpeuk District, Garut Regency, Tuesday (6/2/18).

    "We have to increase our production (food) well, so that our food security is really maintained plus the welfare of the farmers is also increasing well," he continued.

    The national rice harvest area of ??January 2018 = 854,000 ha with the yield of 4.51 million tons of GKG or equivalent to 2.83 million tons of rice, a surplus of 329 thousand tons compared to consumption needs of 2.5 million tons. February harvest = 1.63 million ha with production of 8.67 million tons of GKG equivalent to 5.43 million tons of rice or surplus of 2.93 million tons of rice, and for March harvest of 2.25 million ha with a production of 8.8 million tons of GKG .

    For that, West Java this year will boost the development of infrastructure reservoirs to increase food production. Wagub said, there are seven dams that are being and will be done this year. In addition, there are two reservoirs built to cope with flooding and raw water supplies. The seven reservoirs are in Sukamahi and Ciawi (Bogor), Sadawarna, Cipanas (Subang-Sumedang), Matenggeng (Ciamis-Cilacap), Leuwi Keris (Ciamis-Tasikmalaya), and Kuningan.

    "Sukamahi and Ciawi are to buffer Jakarta, raw water, other than for irrigation, and hydroelectricity.Finally, Sadawarna, between Subang and Sumedang, there is also Cipanas Reservoir So there are three (Reservoir), Jatigede, Sadawarna, Cipanas And then Matenggeng, between Ciamis and Cilacap, there is also Leuwi Keris between Ciamis and Tasikmalaya.Then there is another Brass Reservoir project, "said Vice Governor after the harvest event.

    "While we know that Cirebon Raya is still inadequately supplied with clean water supply, one of the raw water supply to Cirebon Raya is 4 mininal functions of irrigation reservoirs, Hydroelectricity, flood control and tourism, seven (reservoirs) we build this year start, if we do not have the right granary, we should be the best food barn, "he concluded.

    On this occasion, Minister of Agriculture accompanied by Vice Governor handed over some assistance. Among the seeds and insurance claims from Jasindo for farmers who experience drought and breeders whose cows die. "This is the first in history, there are farmers who drought and breeders whose cows die can be insurance," said Minister of Agriculture.

    Meanwhile, the area of ??rice harvest in West Java Province in January 2018 = 100,000 ha, February = 160,000 ha, and March = 275,000 ha. The remaining area of ??West Java Province harvest in February 2018 is 275,000 ha (equivalent to 1,000,000 tons of rice) for the harvest period 7-28 February 2018. Production of GKG West Java Province in January: 610,000 tons (equivalent to 382,000 tons of rice), February: 950,000 tons (equivalent to 600,000 tons of rice), and March: 1,600,000 tons (equivalent to 1,000,000 tons of rice).

    Rice consumption per month West Java Province based on the population of 46.7 million people is 330,000 tons of rice. Thus, there was a surplus of January 52,000 tons of rice, a surplus of 270,000 tons in February, and a surplus of 670,000 tons in March. While the selling price of Cassava Harvest (GKP) at the farmers level in West Java Province peak on 24 January 2018 reached Rp 5.700 / Kg. Current price per February 7, 2018 has fallen Rp 700 / kg to Rp 5.000 / kg GKP.

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