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    Aher's Expectations on National Press Day 2018


    PALEMBANG - From fish cake City, Palembang, South Sumatera, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed his congratulations to all national press in the framework of the National Press Day (HPN) 2018.

    Right on the commemoration of HPN 2018, Friday (9/2/2018), Aher is visiting a working visit to Palembang City, South Sumatera Province, to become the keynote speaker in the 4th Plenary Board Meeting (RPPP) 4 / National Working Meeting Rakernas) Association of Indonesian Private Universities (Aptisi) at Hotel Aryaduta Palembang.

    "We hope the press is increasingly independent, critical of social and governmental issues, and we also want the press to educate citizens to know their rights, so that citizens can advise the parties," Aher said.

    As a media, the function of the press is also expected to be able to provide quality entertainment for this nation. Aher said, there must be a balance between a critical attitude or educating, building, and entertaining.

    "So, do not get too heavy in the criticism, but then on the portion of development, should provide complete information about something that provides new knowledge for the community, also presents news that is both entertaining and educational," said Aher.

    Hoax, Let it stand or Tabayyun!

    Related to the rise of false or hoax news, Aher invites the community to be unconcerned or clarified correctly. Or the term that is often Aher dengungkan, namely Tabayyun Journalism.

    "Hoax can not be made by the mainstream media, the Hoax must be made by people who are idly passing medsos, so we invite the people, to be right about the hoax, the attitude is to allow or correct clarification or Tabayyun. Do not clarify even disseminate, "Aher said.

    The mainstream media task when there is a hoax speech, Aher says, should explain. Because in the end the news presented by mainstream media is often easily trusted by the public.

    "The journalists in various places function as clusters clarifying the hoax news, searching for the source, then researched with cover all side, then the results of the research and cover of all side are re-reported through mainstream media, explained that the news is hoax," said Aher.

    "So, the hoax news is on the counter with the right news based on the search of all-side cover and then disseminated by the mainstream media. Finished the affairs," he concluded.

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