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    Unpad Open Applied Bachelor Degree 2018


    BANDUNG - Padjadjaran University accepts new undergraduate students through SNMPTN and SBMPTN 2018. While for Applied Bachelor Degree program and Study Program Outside Main Campus (PSDKU), acceptance is done through SBMPTN.

    Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad stated that for this year, the percentage of 30% capacity allocation for SNMPTN and 70% for SBMPTN. If nominated, Unpad receives 2,292 new students from SNMPTN and 4,433 students from SBMPTN line.

    Rector explained, as many as 51 courses opened for registration SNMPTN. While in SBMPTN, opened registration for 59 courses. The eight additional courses in SBMPTN are an Applied / Diploma-IV course and two new courses to open this year, Digital and Actuarial Business.

    Unlike the previous year's selection, where Unpad opened the self-selection line for the Applied Bachelor and PSDKU program, this year there is no self-selection for the two programs. Selection is done entirely through SBMPTN.

    As for registration mechanism of study program of PSDKU of Pangandaran and Garut, the participant just apply to his regular study program. For example, when you want to enroll in the program of Animal Husbandry at PSDKU Pangandaran, participants have a Unpad Livestock Study Program. Furthermore, there will be an enrollment option for both regular and PSDKU Livestock Farming.

    "Similarly, with nursing, where the project is opened in Jatinangor, Pangandaran, and Garut. There will be three (option) registration, "said Rector. jo

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