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    Sundanese Wanderer Must Be Problem Solver in their Area


    BANJARMASIN - Chairman of the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) West Java Province, Netty Heryawan grateful to the Sundanese people who migrate to various regions in Indonesia, one of them to Bumi Banua, South Kalimantan, can show its existence. Among those he encountered there were members of the PHRI, a GM hotel, in the government room and became an academic.

    "This illustrates that the Sundanese people who really ngumbara show his capacity as a citizen of Sunda, that's the first. Then the second one, we hope the wandering of the Sunda community will indeed color the Indonesian nation wherever they are, "said Netty at Kindly and Submission of Sundanese Musical Instruments (Gamelan Salendro & Degung) at the Community Forum (Formas) Sunda Ngumbara South Kalimantan at Ballroom Swisbell Hotel , Sunday (11/02/2018).

    "Because we want to illustrate that the province with the largest population, it is reasonable that the various advantages of West Java or Sundanese tattoo advantage is also scattered in various regions in Indonesia," he continued.

    Then the third, Netty wants to make sure the people of Sunda are ngumbara as problem solver not as problem maker wherever they are.

    "Where the earth dipijak there sky upheld, it should be the handle of every citizen of Sunda who roam and ngumbara in various places, including in South Kalimantan," he said.

    So that the community and local government feel the contribution and benefits of the presence of the Sundanese in the area. In addition, to treat the sense of homesickness will tatar sunda, Dekranasada West Java Province provides Sundanese Instrument (Gamelan Salendro & Degung) given Netty on the Chairman of Sunas Ngumbara Formation, Dikdik Solehudin.

    On this occasion, Head of Sunas Ngumbara Formation, Dikdik Solehudin, delivered the message from other Sundanese in Banjarmasin for the attention of West Java Provincial Government in terms of education and artistry. And in the year 2017, exactly March 19 has been confirmed Formal Sunda Ngumbara in South Kalimantan as a container to channel aspirations.

    "Alhamdulillah last year we were given angklung 3 sets from West Java. This time will be given a set of gamelan tools, hopefully this tool can be used optimally, "he said.

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