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    BANDUNG - Since today, Monday (12/2/2018), candidates pair (Paslon) West Java Governor Election 2018 get escorted escort from police West Java Police.

    West Java Police Chief Inspector General Budi said each candidate, both candidates for governor and deputy governor to get escort escort, each as many as 10 people from the special team Polda Jabar. "We have prepared 80 people, all escorted, and began duty since today," he said at the office of KPU Jabar, Garut Street Bandung City.

    He asserted, the election of four couples is the best son of the results of long selection. So that people can vote on Pilgub 27 June. So he hopes people can think smart to implement Pilgub peacefully.

    "We will act firmly against all the disturbances, our cyber teams have started working to monitor hatred that may split West Java," he said.

    In addition to Paslon who escorted, West Java Police also ordered the entire Kapolres in West Java to swiftly secure its territory from disruption during the elections Jabar 2018. Jo

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