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    Election Supervisory Board: The Challenge of Dynamic Democracy


    BANDUNG- The challenge of democratic process is increasingly dynamic, including in the implementation of elections simultaneously in West Java.

    Chairman of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) West Java Province, Harminus Koto said the challenge can come from anywhere so as to disrupt the process of implementation of elections simultaneously.

    "Bawaslu is committed to invite all parties to be involved in securing the implementation process of Jabar election," said Harminus told reporters in Trans Studio Bandung, Wednesday night (14/2/2018).

    He mentioned among the obstacles that will disrupt the election process of money and tribal politics, religion, race, and intergroup (SARA). According to him, money politics will lead to corruption in the implementation of local government (local government).

    So far, said Harminus, people still think that money politics is just about distributing money. Though the candidate pair (Paslon) or even a successful paslon team if distributing food, including the category of money politics. Including the construction of public facilities facilities conducted by the paslon.

    "This money politics can be done as a practice for money and goods such as sembako to prospective voters including the construction of public facilities," said Harminus.

    In facing these challenges, Bawaslu Jabar invites all levels of society to realize clean election free from money politics and SARA.

    "We want to convey a message to all parties that all elements of the community are serious about realizing democracy without money politics and the politicization of SARA," he concluded.

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