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    West Java Police Foiled Fugitive Smuggling Worth Rp 2.1 Billion


    BANDUNG - Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation West Java Police succeeded in uncovering cases of frying or baby lobster in the region Cianjur. A collector was secured by Unit II Subdit IV / Crime officer Ditreskrimsus Polda Jabar, namely Ruhyat alias Bogel (49).

    Director of Police West Java Reskrimsus Pol Kombes Samudi, the disclosure of this case began when the team Unit IISubdit IV / Tipidter conduct checks and checks on a house in Kampung Kertajadi RT 04/01, Kertajadi Village, District Cidaun, Cianjur. Officers then found 15 thousand furs of shrimp proof consisting of two types, namely pearls and sand with a total price of Rp 2.1 billion.

    "The price of this fry for the type of sand cost Rp 12 thousand per head.He is the kind of pearl, the price can be Rp 40 thousand to Rp 45 thousand per ekornya.And, these fries can be more expensive up to the top," said Samudi told reporters in Bandung.

    Samudi explained that the perpetrators sell the fries that have been packed in plastic to someone in Cisarua, Bogor, with the selling price for the type of sand Rp 13 thousand / ekor, while the pearl is priced at Rp 51 thousand-54 thousand / ekornya.

    He mentioned the actor initials R has been doing the action for three months. What he does because driven economic problems. Himself admitted tempted by the benefits obtained from the sale of these fries, thus switching the profession of the fisherman into illegal collectors. Ruhyat explained, he could benefit up to Rp 1,500 / ekor.

    "I was previously a fisherman, because more tempted because there is a price," he said.

    As a result of the action, he snared Article 88 and Article 92 of Law Number 45 Year 2009 on the amendment to Law No. 31/2004 on Fisheries. The suspect is threatened with imprisonment up to eight years and a fine of Rp 1.5 billion. (Even)

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