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    Family Empowerment and Welfare Movement Now in Netty Heryawan Version


    BANDUNG - The challenge for cadres of the Family Empowerment and Welfare Movement (PKK) in this modernization era is getting heavier. Not only to adjust the design of community activities in the success of government programs, PKK cadres must also be able to handle the change of cadres DO (drop out: stop), to include youth in PKK activities.

    Chairman of PKK Team of West Java Province Netty Heryawan revealed this when met after a speaker at the regular meeting of Bank Women Association (IWABA) Bandung, at Sierra Cafe & Lounge Bukit Pakar Timur Street No.33 Bandung, Wednesday (11/04).

    Netty explained that the PKK in this era should be more responsive to the problems in society, whether it is related to health, social, including employment. Not only organizing activities in four working groups, Netty mentioned PKK should also be able to respond when there is something that has not been covered by the four working groups and their derivatives, such as posyandu and heart PKK.

    "there is intergrated service post, it also must the era now, intergrated service post third generation. Including if there is Heart PKK, beautiful beautifully beautiful courtyard, it's how to be moved the community to take advantage of the yard, meaning there must be a strategy. That's what the PKK should think about now, "Netty explained.

    "The strategy to deliver the program to fit the ability of the community, that is the challenge of PKK era now," he continued.

    In addition, the principle of PKK movement based on volunteerism is a major factor in the high level of DO in PKK cadres, as there is no wage as employees in general. DO in this context is mentioned by Netty as the process of connection cadre. For example, the mother is busy with her children and then decided to quit the PKK, or those who are caught in the economic problem and become female workers, so inevitably have to get out of the PKK. There is also a successful cadre at the local level, replace RW, change village, to reasons such as missing guidebooks, and the absence of dacin (scales of toddlers).

    This problem, Netty said, can be solved if PKK cadres are able to hold youth organizations, such as Karang Taruna, PIK-Remaja (Youth Health Information Center), and GenRe (Generasi Berencana) containing young people who are already active in activities society. Netty thinks this is quite difficult, given that young people today are more concerned with creative ideas than PKK activities.

    "This is a challenge PKK in this era, how to make PKK can hold other forces without having shortage of cadres," concluded Netty.

    "I have not seen that the younger generation is interested in the PKK. If now young people are told to accept the registration of mothers of toddlers, nungguin turn weighed in dacin, where there is who want it, "he said again.

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