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    Ciletuh is Recognized by Unesco Becoming UGG


    SUKABUMI REGENCY- West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said it is committed to continue to develop the potential of tourism in West Java. One of them encourages Geopark Ciletuh to be a world tourism destination.

    "Geopark Ciletuh on four days ago has been crowned Unesco Global Geopark (UGG)," he said on Geopark Ciletuh Fun Day event at Palangpang Beach, Ciletuh, Sukabumi Regency, Sunday (15/4/2018).

    He claimed to be proud because Geopark Ciletuh became the first Geopark in West Java which is recognized by Unesco. The inauguration or certificate submission will be held next September.

    After set Unesco, according to him, all parties must take care, organize and develop Geopark Ciletuh. It is very important that this tourism area does not become slum.

    "It should be more beautiful and proud, also keep the sustainability, just do not be a slum," he said.

    In order to maintain Geopark Ciletuh, his side encourages the government of Sukabumi Regency to immediately make a Spatial Detail Plan (RDTR) and make it into a Regional Regulation (Perda). This is very important for development in the region more orderly.

    "If anyone will build a hotel or other tourism support facilities in Geopark Ciletuh must be appropriate RDTR so beautiful and orderly," he explained. (Even)

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