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    Dedi Taufikurohman is Inaugurated Became Acting Mayor of Cirebon


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) officially inaugurated Dedi Taufikurohman as Acting Mayor of Cirebon in West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (16/04/2018).

    The inauguration is based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 131.32-1467 Year 2018 on Appointment of Acting Mayor of Cirebon West Java Province, submitted through Letter of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 131.31 / 3434 / Otda dated April 13, 2018 Concerning Decree of Minister of Home Affairs concerning Dismissal of Mayor of Cirebon West Java Province , and Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 131.32-1466 Year 2018 on Termination of Temporary Acting Mayor of Cirebon West Java Province.

    Dedi Taufikurohman appointed acting Mayor of Cirebon after the term of Mayor of Cirebon Nasrudin Azis as of April 16, 2018. Dedi who is also Head of Department of Transportation of West Java Province will lead the wheels of the city of Cirebon until the election of the definitive Mayor election results 2018 simultaneously.

    Aher hopes Dedi's presence can guarantee the smooth implementation of government especially strategic issues of Cirebon City in 2018 including escorting the remaining stages of elections simultaneously. Related to that, Aher asked Dedi to pass monitoring and report the situation of the region in stages for the implementation of election at the same time orderly, safe, polite and quality.

    "Take anticipatory action if there are ripples or potential noise to not extend to unexpected things," Aher said.

    Aher also reminds civil servant-related neutrality. Do not let a partiality or tendency to one of the candidate pairs affect the performance. Civil Servant should be an example of a good and professional governmental face so that people are no longer apathetic to the government and willing to exercise their right to vote in the 2018 Regional Head Election.

    "Stay professional and make rules as well as main duty as a guide when working," he said.

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