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    Aher Cursed Hard Surabaya Bomb Incident


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) strongly condemns suicide bombings in three churches in Surabaya on Sunday (13/05/2018) morning.

    According to him, any religion never taught terrorism and radicalism. Therefore, on behalf of the West Java government and people regretted, regretted, and never agreed with acts of terrorism.

    "We strongly condemn terrorism by anyone, for whatever reason, whenever the incident, and whatever the target," he said at Gedung Sate on Sunday (13/05/2018) morning.

    When asked about the event, Aher said it would increase consolidation with other leaders as anticipatory action following the bombing of Surabaya.

    According to him, coordination action is involved in improving the security and early detection of potential radicalism in the region.

    "This is a lesson in West Java, West Java Provincial Government will increase consolidation with Chief of Police, Army Commander, until MUI We guard so that no incident of radicalism and terrorism is similar in West Java,"

    According to Aher, acts such as suicide bombings in Surabaya violate religion, social norms, until the law. The whole thing is wrong, and it becomes irrelevant if it is associated with a particular religion.

    "Do not be connected with any religion, it may be that the perpetrator has a connection with religion but there is no relation to any religion, only a narrow understanding of the religion of the perpetrator," he continued.

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