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    Dadi Iskandar as Acting Mayor of Sukabumi


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), inaugurates Dadi Iskandar as Acting (Pj) Mayor of Sukabumi, in West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Sunday (13/05/2018).

    Dadi Iskandar who also served as Head of Social Service and Development Bureau, West Java Provincial Secretariat, was officially inaugurated after the decree of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 131.32-1635 on the appointment of acting Mayor of Sukabumi, who decided, assigned and appointed him to serve.

    The inauguration is in line with the end of the five-year tenure of Mayor and Vice Mayor of Sukabumi, Mohamad Muraz and Achmad Fahmi ended on Sunday, May 13, 2018.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan said that the Acting Mayor of Sukabumi has the duty to guarantee the smoothness of government administration, and must be able to perform the duties and authority in accordance with the applicable legislation.

    "It also includes escorting the stages of 2018 regional head election to run orderly, smooth and conducive, as well as maintaining the neutrality of ASN" Aher said.

    However, Aher reminded, based on Article 132A of Government Regulation No. 49/2008 on Dismissal, and Appointment of Acting Head of Region, that an acting Head of Region or executor of Regional Head's duties is prohibited to conduct employee mutation.

    In addition, the official is prohibited from canceling the licenses issued by previous officials and / or issuing licenses that are contrary to those issued by previous officials. It also creates a policy on regional expansion as opposed to the policies of previous officials.

    "Officials are also prohibited from making policies that conflict with government administration policies and development programs of previous officials," said Aher.

    The provisions referred to, may be exempted after obtaining written approval from the Minister of Home Affairs.

    In addition, Aher continued, the Officer is obliged to give his employment report periodically three months to the Governor.

    Meanwhile, in relation to the implementation of the 2018 Election, which is currently entering the stage of the Candidate Pair campaign, both the Mayor-Vice Mayor, the Regent's Regents, the Governors, Aher instruct the Acting Regional Head, to continue to coordinate with the Election Committee, Election Supervisory Office.

    As well as in terms of security, the officers need to continue to coordinate with the Police, the TNI including NGOs, Religious Leaders, community leaders, to jointly create an atmosphere of orderly democracy, polite, and harmonious.

    "As well as how to increase the participation of the people to exercise their suffrage," Aher said.

    So in the political year, Aher said, not because of the tendency to choose a prospective leader, so interfere with performance. West Java Province Civil Servant, should be the face of good governance and professional.

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