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    Debriefing of Hajj Officer, Aher: Watch the Independent Pilgims


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) provides debriefing to the Provincial Hajj Pilgrims Officers of West Java in 2018, at Haji Pondok Gede Dormitory Bekasi on Sunday (13/05/2018).

    The officers numbered 1,043 people, consisting of 575 pilgrims kloter, consisting of TPHI (Hajj Officers Team), TPIHI (Indonesian Hajj Supervising Team), and PKHI (Indonesian Hajj Health Officer), and the rest were TPHD (Local Hajj guide Team), ready to serve the pilgrims.

    Governor Aher said, the involvement of Hajj officers is a big contribution to the success of the Hajj pilgrimage "Mabrur".

    "We to this day receive various praise from various other countries, the best pilgrimage system is from Indonesia," said Gov. Ahmad Heryawan.

    Thus, Aher said to the officers, in order to keep trying to improve the quality of service pilgrimage.

    "If Indonesia is the best, among Provinces in Indonesia, West Java is what should be the best," he hoped.

    The governor also appealed, so that the officers of pilgrimage in the field later, also pay attention to Independent Hajj Pilgrims. They are Pilgrims who are able to perform the pilgrimage without relying on certain parties / agencies.

    Independent communities, says Aher, are often overlooked. Sometimes they do not get a room to stay, or other facilities. So, as a fellow parishioner, a brother of religion, the Governor asks the officers not to be picky to serve fellow guests of Allah SWT.

    "Fellow guests of God, please also note our brother," said Aher.

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